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Souter | David H.; Brennan | William J.

Funeral of Thurgood Marshall: Signed Photograph

Signed Photograph



From the Funeral of Thurgood Marshall, an inscribed photograph of Justice David H. Souter and his predecessor, William J. Brennan, entering the Great Hall of the Supreme Court. Justice Souter is holding hands with Brennan, who was unsteady after a recent stroke.

The photograph was taken by Paul Hosefros and appeared on the front page of the New York Times on Thursday, January 28, 1993. Framed in gold, black paper backing, measures 12″ x 14″. From the private collection of Toni House, the chief spokeswoman of the Supreme Court. Signed on the white matte border by Justice David H. Souter, William J. Brennan and the photographer, Paul Hosefros.

The chief spokeswoman of the Supreme Court, Toni House (1943-1998), was a leading advocate for women’s rights in Washington D.C. Prior to joining the Supreme Court, she advocated for the inclusion of women in traditionally all-male events in Washington D.C, such as the Gridiron Dinner. In 1982, Chief Justice Warren E. Burger announced that House would become the public information officer of the court, where she was “the Court’s public voice, although not, as she often stressed, its interpreter.” She would serve in this position for 16 years, before an untimely death due to lung cancer in 1998.

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Souter | David H.; Brennan | William J.

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David H.; Brennan, William J. Souter