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O'Connor | Sandra Day

Letters to Judge David N. Edelstein

Supreme Court Stationary


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Two letters from Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to Judge David Edelstein, with references to her personal battle with cancer. Two letters on Supreme Court stationary, includes the mailing envelopes and postmarks. In the letter dated October 7th, 1999, O’Connor thanks Judge Edelstein for sharing a letter he received from President Reagan in 1992. In the second letter, dated October 18, 1999, O’Connor thanks Judge Edelstein for attending Fordham’s Millennial Dinner and notes her own battle with cancer. Both letters are signed by Justice O’Connor.

Manhattan District Court Judge David N. Edelstein was nominated to serve on the federal court by President Harry Truman in 1951. He served as the chief judge of the Southern District of New York from 1971 to 1980 but continued to practice until his death in 2000. He is best remembered for the antitrust actions taken against I.B.M. and his efforts to seek out corruption in the Teamsters Union. He was the last serving federal judge appointed by President Truman.

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Washington DC


Supreme Court of the United States


Supreme Court Stationary

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October, 1999




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O'Connor | Sandra Day