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Liberti Fromondi in academia Lovaniensi

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Liberti Fromondi in Academia Lovaniensi by Libert Froidmont, published in 1665.

Octavo, [1], 78pp. Full leather, raised bands on spine, decorative gilt. Small worm hole through final 20 leaves, along bottom corner. Text in Latin. Solid binding.

Libert Froidmont (1587-1653) was a notable Belgian Jesuit theologian, philosopher, and scientist whose scholarly works significantly impacted the intellectual landscape of the 17th century. His major contributions lie in his writings on metaphysics and natural philosophy, where he sought to integrate Aristotelian principles with contemporary scientific thought. Among his most significant works is “De Musica,” a treatise that explores the mathematical foundations of music and its philosophical implications. Another key work, “Dissertatio de Atomis,” examines the nature of atoms and the composition of matter, reflecting his engagement with the early developments in atomic theory. Froidmont’s “De Arte Cabbalistica” delves into mystical philosophy, showcasing his broad intellectual curiosity. His efforts to harmonize scientific inquiry with theological doctrines were instrumental in advancing the dialogue between science and religion during his time, leaving a lasting influence on both fields.

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Nempaei, Lovanii


Petri Sasseni


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