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L’Instruction Du Roy, En L’exercice de Monter à Cheval



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L’Instruction Du Roy, En L’exercice de Monter à Cheval by Antoine de Pluvinel, complete with 55 double-page plates.

Folio, [8], 160pp. Includes additional engraved allegorical title, dated 1668. Yellow suede binding, inset title on paper label on both covers, illustration of horse extending to back of book. Custom suede chemise, hand engraved portrait of Pluvinel on brass plate affixed to front cover. Illustrated endpapers, which match internal lining of suede box. Binding by Cathy Robert at Delta Design Studio of London.

This work is complete with 55 double-page copper engraved plates by Crispin de Pas and Simon Passaeus, all with decorative architectural frames. All plates in near fine condition, two noted with archival tape repairs, free of foxing or notable wear.

(Nissen ZBI 3203) ( Mennessier II, 332)

Antoine de Pluvinel (1552-1620) traveled to Holland shortly before his death to request that Crispin de Pas do the engravings for his unfinished mansucript, L’Instruction du Roy. When Pluvinel died, de Pas received an unrevised copy of the manuscript of the work, without the permission of Pluvinel’s literary agent. In 1623, de Pas published the unfinished work, titled Le Maneige Royal. By 1625, the book was completed by Pluvinel’s literary agent and released with the complete title: L’Instruction du Roy en l’exercice de monter a cheval.

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