Kennedy Family

Signed books and rare first editions from members of the Kennedy Family.

Beginning in 1945 with the publication of As We Remember Joe, John F. Kennedy and his family followed a tradition of writing successful books on political life. As a senator, John F. Kennedy wrote the Pulitzer Prize winning Profiles In Courage. As President, numerous limited edition copies of his Inaugural Address and Jacqueline Kennedy’s White House Guide were signed and gifted to family members.

The Kennedy brothers, Robert F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy wrote numerous books on the American experience and political life. Many of these books, including The Enemy Within, To Seek A Newer World, American Back On Track and Decisions For A Decade, are desirable signed first editions for collectors.

Also in this collection are signed first editions by authors closely affiliated with the Kennedy Family. They include signed copies of A Thousand Days by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Breach of Faith by Theodore White and Robert Kennedy and His Times.

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Showing 1–12 of 40 results