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Beck | James M.

The Constitution of the United States – A brief study of the Genesis, Formulation and Political Philosophy of the Constitution of the United States. With a preface by The Earl of Balfour.

First Edition / Gray's Inn Lectures


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Octavo, xxiii, 280pp. Blue cloth, title printed on label affixed to spine and cover. Uncut edges. Wear to label on spine. Inscribed by author to Henry Fairfield Osborn, the former president of the American Museum of Natural History.

Comments: James M. Beck (1861-1936) was a politician from Philadelphia, member of the Republican Party and Solicitor General of the United States. He was appointed Solicitor General in 1921 by President Warren G. Harding. During World War I, he was a strong opponent of the German government, writing numerous books and speaking out against the regime. Those books included The Evidence In The Case (1914) and War and Humanity (1916). After his time as Solicitor General, he was elected to congress, representing Pennsylvania. During his time in congress, he moved to repeal the Eighteenth Amendment (Prohibition) and actively opposed Roosevelt’s New Deal legislation.

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First Edition / Gray's Inn Lectures

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Beck | James M.