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United States Cadet Nurse Corps Recruitment Poster




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    From World War II, the United States Cadet Nurse Corps Recruitment Poster from 1943.

    Fold-out poster, full piece measures 28″ x 20″. Previously folded. Six small pinholes where previously mounted. Poster reads: “Enlist in a Proud Profession! Join The U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps.” Along the bottom quarter: “A Lifetime Education-Free! / If you can quality.” A bright, near fine example.

    At the start of United States involvement in World War II there was an acute shortage of nurses, which hampered operations on the battlefield and the home front. In 1943, Congress authorized and funded the creation of the United States Cadet Nurse Corp to quickly train 100,000 new nurses. Signs and posters (like this one) went up around the United States, with a handful surviving to today. The Nurse Corps grew to 124,000 nurses by 1945 by offering a stipend and two years of paid tuition at a nursing school at the end of a participant’s wartime service.

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