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Snowden | Anna Jean

African American Archive: Journals, Letters, Photographs




An expansive archive of letters and journals from an African American woman named Anna Jean Snowden of Dayton, Ohio.

This archive includes hundreds of letters related to the following people: her mother, Maria Josephine Snowden; her sister, Mrs. Lillian S. Bazley of Richmond, VA (Mrs. Bazley worked as a bookkeeper and succeeded Maggie L. Walker as the Right Worthy Grand Secretary of the Independent Order of St. Luke, following Mrs. Walker’s death in 1934); history professor George F. David of Wilberforce University; and students from around the country. Includes two journals from 1913 and 1914, detailing time spent in New York City. A composition book from Howard University, and a collection of 6 short stories, with critical comments by her professors. A unique archive, which looks into the family life and teaching history of an African American woman in the 1910s – 1940s.

Anna Jean Snowden (b. 1895 – unknown) was born in Lexington, KY and graduated from Chandler Normal School in 1910. Over the next few years, her family spent time in Dayton, Ohio and New York City. In 1914, Miss Snowden earned a diploma in Kindergarten Education from Howard University. Continuing her studies at Howard, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1916. After graduation, she was hired to teach English at Tuskegee University in Alabama. In the 1920s she taught at Georgia State College in Savannah, GA. It appears that she never married or had children. At various times, she stayed with family in Richmond, VA. In later life, she returned to Dayton, Ohio, teaching at Wilberforce University. It is not known if she remained in Dayton for the rest of her life or where she died.

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[Dayton, Ohio]


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1909 – 1948




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Snowden | Anna Jean