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Autograph Album: President Theodore Roosevelt and President William H. Taft

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Autograph album featuring the signatures of President Theodore Roosevelt and President William H. Taft, and their Vice Presidents, Charles W. Fairbanks and James S. Sherman, all while in office.

All signatures dated between 1908 – 1910. Full piece measures 6.5″ x 8″, bound in textured black leather, title in gilt on front cover. Housed in custom black leather clamshell. The recipient of this piece is unknown. Additional notable signers include: Sen. Albert J. Beveridge of Indiana, Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan, Henry Cabot Lodge, Elihu Root, and future Vice President Charles Curtis. A total of 75 notable inscriptions.

Signed by President Roosevelt on March 7th, 1908, and by President Taft on June 25, 1910, during their presidencies.

Complete list of signers: Robert M. La Follette Sr., Henry Cabot Lodge, Elihu Root, Chauncey M. Depew, Edward Everett Hale, Charles Curtis, William E. Borah, George Sutherland, Simon Guggenheim, William M. Stewart, Robert Love Taylor, Robert J. Gamble, William James Bryan, Duncan U. Fletcher, William Hall Milton, Alfred B. Kittredge, Coe I. Crawford, Lee S. Overman, Anselm J. McLaurin, LeRoy Percy, F. M. Simmons, Knute Nelson, Samuel D. McEnery, Moses E. Clapp, Murphy J. Foster, Henry E. Burnham, Thomas P. Gore, Jacob H. Gallinger, Alexander S. Clay, William J. Stone, Winthrop M. Crane, Francis G. Newlands, Robert L. Owen, Nelson W. Aldrich, Isidor Rayner, John W. Smith, Boies Penrose, James P. Taliaferro, Philander C. Knox, George T. Oliver, Augustus O. Bacon, George S. Nixon, Thomas C. Platt, Clarence D. Clark, Hernando D. Money, Francis E. Warren, Thomas H. Paynter, Henry C. Hansbrough, James B. McCreary, William O. Bradley, Jonathan Bourne Jr., Albert J. Beveridge, George Chamberlain, Benjamin F. Shively, James B. Frazier, Albert J. Hopkins, William Lorimer, Shelby M. Cullom, Jonathan P. Dolliver, John H. Bankhead, Albert B. Cummins, William B. Allison, James P. Clarke, Frank O. Briggs, Stephen B. Elkins, Thomas H. Carter, Nathan Bay Scott, Lincoln Dixon, and Wesley Livsey Jones.

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