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Hoffman Estates v. The Flipside

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Signed by Justice Thurgood Marshall, the United States Supreme Court decision in Hoffman Estates v. The Flipside, which upheld the right of municipalities to regulate and/or to license the sale of items used as drug paraphernalia.

Pamphlet, [ii], 18pp, [2]. Printed wraps, stapled at spine. Housed in custom blue cloth folio, title in gilt on black morocco label. This copy is signed by Thurgood Marshall on the cover sheet.

In Hoffman Estates v. The Flipside, Hoffman Estates, Inc., 455 U.S. 489 (1982), Justice Thurgood Marshall delivered the opinion of the Court. The decision upheld the constitutionality of a local ordinance requiring businesses to obtain a license if they sold items “designed or marketed for use with illegal cannabis or drugs.” The Court found that the ordinance was neither unconstitutionally vague nor overbroad, emphasizing that its language provided sufficient clarity to prevent arbitrary enforcement. Marshall noted that the ordinance aimed to regulate the marketing of drug paraphernalia without criminalizing the sale or possession of such items, distinguishing it from other statutes that directly targeted drug-related devices .

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