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Inscribed Photograph: Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach

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    Inscribed photograph from President Lyndon B. Johnson to Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach. Inscription reads: “To Nick, My Best. LBJ.” Some toning to top edge of white boarder, wear at edges. Includes note from Johnson secretary Juanita D. Roberts: September 8, 1965, Dear Mr. Attorney General, It was the President’s Pleasure to autograph the enclosed photograph for you. He thought you might like to have the other pictures, too. With best wishes, Juanita D. Roberts. Personal Secretary to the President.”

    Comments: The recipient of this photograph, Nicholas Katzenbach, served as United States Attorney General for Lyndon B. Johnson. While serving as Deputy U.S. Attorney General , he notoriously confronted Alabama Governor George Wallace at the University of Alabama, demanding the school be integrated. Shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Katzenbach advised Johnson that an independent investigation into the assassination was needed, leading to the creation of the Warren Commission.

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