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Roosevelt and Johnson Progressive Parry Campaign Poster

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The campaign poster for the 1912 Progress Party of Theodore Roosevelt and Governor Hiram W. Johnson. Measures 20″ by 25″. Framed poster, glass covers. Poster in near fine condition, blemish at bottom right corner, archival repair along right edge. Bright illustrations. Includes a quote by Kipling under photographs of Roosevelt and Johnson.

Comments: The more common name for the 1912 Progress Party was the “Bull Moose Party.” In reaction to the policies of President William Howard Taft, former President Roosevelt ran for a 3rd term as the Republican candidate for president, but lost. In reaction to this loss, but in response to a groundswell of public support, Roosevelt ran on the Progressive Party ticket. He lost the 1912 election to Woodrow Wilson, but outperformed Taft (27.4% to 23.2%). Roosevelt was asked to run again in 1916 on the Progressive ticket, but refused.

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Roosevelt | Theodore