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The Last Man On The Moon

Deluxe Signed Edition



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The deluxe signed edition of The Last Man on the Moon from the Easton Press, signed by Apollo Astronaut, Gene Cernan.

Octavo, 356pp. Black leather. All edges gilt. Includes paperwork from the Easton Press. Signed on limitation page by Eugene Cernan.

Gene Cernan (1934-2017), was the last person to walk on the moon during the Apollo 17 mission in December 1972. He flew to space three times, serving as the pilot of Gemini 9A in 1966, the lunar module pilot of Apollo 10 in 1969, and as commander of Apollo 17 in 1972. During the Apollo 17 mission, Cernan and fellow astronaut Harrison Schmitt spent three days on the lunar surface, conducting experiments and exploring the Taurus-Littrow Valley. Cernan’s final words upon leaving the moon’s surface, “We leave as we came, and, God willing, as we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind.?

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Deluxe Signed Edition

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