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Peanut Farm Operator ID Card

Plastic Card


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Peanut Farm Operator ID Card for the Carter Farm, signed by President Jimmy Carter.

Issued by the United Stated Department of Agriculture to Carter Farm Inc. The state and county designations correspond to Webster County, Georgia, which includes the Carter Farm and boyhood home in Archery, GA.

The farms operated by Jimmy Carter encompassed close to 2,500 acres in southwest Georgia. The peanut farm operation was started by President Carter’s father, Earl Carter, in the 1920s. During his presidency, the farms were placed in a blind trust and administered by his confidant, Charles Kirbo. The Carter Farm and Warehousing operation was a problem for President Carter during his administration, with the blind trust still reporting financial results to Carter. A special counsel was appointed, but no evidence was found that any monies from the farm operation were diverted into the campaign. After Carter returned to Plains, the peanut warehousing company was sold, but he retained the land around Plains.

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Plains, Georgia


United States Department of Agriculture


Plastic Card

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Carter | Jimmy