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President James Monroe – Indiana Land Grant

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President James Monroe signed Land Grant in Jackson County Indiana, dated December 10, 1821.

This grant awards eighty acres to Nathan Bafs. Additional signature of Josiah Meigs, the Commissioner of the General Land Office of Washington, D.C. This document is framed, white cloth matte, portrait of James Monroe on left, gold trim. Measures 18″ x 30″. Signed by President James Monroe along bottom quarter of document.

With the appointment of William Henry Harrison as the Governor of the Indiana Territory in 1801, the westward expansion of European settlers into the Indiana territory was inevitable. Harrison aggressively pursued treaties with the native tribes of the territory, acquiring upwards of 51-million acres of land for European settlement. After the War of 1812, the westward expansion of the United States accelerated, with settlers being offered 80-160 acres tracts, almost for free. Indiana would become a state in 1816, but not before numerous battles with the Indigenous peoples of the territory.

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