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A Victorian era trading card, endorsing President Grover Cleveland for a second term in 1892, from his daughter, “Baby Ruth” Cleveland.

Single card stock image, measures 4″ x 3″. Originally contained an advertisement from The Gilt Edge Liquor Store of Amsterdam, NY on verso. The liquor industry endorsed Cleveland for President due to his strong defense of Eastern business interests, in particular the liquor trade. The “Baby Ruth” mentioned on the card was the daughter of President Cleveland, born in 1891, and a frequent sight on the campaign trail. She died at the age of 12, but lived on in popular culture when The Curtiss Candy Company named the “Baby Ruth” candy bar after her.

Grover Cleveland began his unlikely rise to the presidency as the Mayor of Buffalo. Within a year of taking office, he became Governor of New York. He gained national notoriety for fighting political corruption, specifically Tammany Hall in New York City. Cleveland went on to serve the only nonconsecutive presidential terms in history, serving from 1885-1889, then again from 1893-1897. After leaving office, the former president indulged in his lifelong passion for sports and writing.

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The Gilt Edge Liquor Store


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Cleveland | Grover