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Presidential Limited Editions

The surest way to guarantee you’re getting an authentic signed copy of a presidential book is to seek out a limited edition printing. At first glance, you’ll come across material from Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Richard Nixon, who were prolific signers during and after their presidency.

Its common to find a signed limited edition from President Nixon, number XX of 2500. But when you’ve been researching this field for many years, you’ll realize that unique limited edition items do exist. Here are some examples that got us excited when we came across them.

  • Mr. Citizen by President Harry Truman. This signed book can be found on the market in a limited edition of 1000 copies, but this edition here was held back for the author. Only 100 were printed for Mr. Truman.
  • That Shining Hour by Patricia Kennedy Lawford. This unassuming book was produced for members of the Kennedy Family and supporters shortly after the death of Robert Kennedy. Most are signed by a member of the Kennedy family but unsigned, they are still a unique presidential item.
  • Read My Lips: No New Taxes by Dan Ostrander. This book, which details the 1990 budget deal, was published in limited edition form by Butte College Press in 1990. There were 175 signed copies of the clothbound edition, signed by President Bush. An additional 26 copies, bound in leather, were produced as gifts for the publishers. This was a surprise after years of collecting George Bush limited editions.
  • Address of the President at the Opening of the Conference on the Japanese Peace Treaty by Harry Truman. This limited edition of 60 copies was bound by the Government Printing Office as Christmas Gifts for President Truman. These have occasionally surfaced on the market, but are rare, to say the least.
  • Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy. Published as a gift for family and political allies, 100 copies of President Kennedy’s important inaugural addresses were printed and signed. One of the most unique limited editions available on the market.