Johnson | Lyndon [Ramsey Clark]

Signed White House Photograph – President Lyndon Johnson

Official White House Photograph



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Signed photograph of President Lyndon Johnson, inscribed to Assistant Attorney General J. Walter Yeagley. Includes a note from Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

Mounted color photograph, measures 14″ x 11.” Photograph by White House photographer Robert L. Knudsen, with his stamp on verso and date 11 Nov 1968. Note from Attorney General Ramsey Clark: “Dear Walt, The President wants you to have this autographed picture and his thanks for your devoted service to justice. Sincerely, Ramsey. 3 Dec ’68.” Signed by President Lyndon Johnson on matte just below photograph.

The recipient of this photograph, J. Walter Yeagley (1909-1990), served on the District of Columbia Court of Appeals from 1970-1984. Before his appointment to the Court of Appeals, he was Assistant Attorney General and director of the Internal Security Division of the Justice Department. In this position, his work focused on citizens with suspected Communist affiliations, working closely with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Judge Yeagley died in 1990.

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Official White House Photograph

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Johnson | Lyndon [Ramsey Clark]


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